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What to Know About SEO Marketing

Any business that has some form of online presence really needs to ensure they are getting the most out of their site. It has the potential to introduce so many new customers to your products and services. It also plays an ambassador type role in that what is on the site will reflect what your business is, what it does and how professional it seems. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so your site needs to be at its best and above all, be found.

SEO marketing companies are responsible for promoting seo  their client’s web sites so that they may be found on search engine results pages.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially the process of ensuring that a web site is properly formatted to web standards and that it can be easily found, indexed and properly categorized under relevant keywords.

In layman’s terms, it means that when your potential customer types in a keyword or phrase to solve their problem, your site comes up as high up the rankings as possible and they click on it. So, if you are a plumber in Charlotte, and someone types into Google, ‘plumber Charlotte’, your site appears within the top 5 listings.

The other important factor in SEO is having a pertinent and relevant description that will draw the customer in and click on your site. Thereafter, the information on the site needs to be relevant, to the point and concise for the customer to perform whatever action it is you want them to perform (if it’s plumbing, then likely you want them to pick up the phone and contact you).

Anyway, SEO marketing companies handle all this. They will ensure that your site is properly indexed, have relevant keywords applied to it so potential customers find you, and they can also copyright for you in an engaging way so as to convince the customer they are in the right place.

What Else Can Marketing Company Offer?

As well as SEO, they can offer such services as paid advertising (PPC – Pay per Click), email marketing, newsletter marketing, web analytics (whereby reports are generated so you can see how many visitors are coming to your site and how) and much more.

There is a lot to marketing a web site, it is so much more than creating the site, uploading it and then hoping someone will come and visit. It is an amazing combination of science and art and there are so many methods and options to marketing a site.

Sure, you can have a go and try to market your site yourself, but it can be a long, laborious and difficult path to follow, and all the while you are learning, your competitors are leaving you behind. It is better to give it to the professionals and let them create a specific strategic campaign for you.

If you’re like the majority of people, you may be wondering what SEO is. Well, it’s simply an acronym that stands for ‘search engine optimization.’

According to, “Just about every Webmaster wants his or her site to appear in the top listings of all the major search engines.” SEO is the means to accomplish this.

SEO marketing is the strategies or techniques used to create visibility and website ranking within the search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Every online marketing strategy includes promotion, and SEO marketing is a promotional tool under the marketing umbrella. The marketing umbrella covers the creation or manufacturing of a product or service, research and development (R&D), distribution, and any other elements needed to get a product from creation to the consumer. Promotion creates visibility, which in turn leads website traffic and customers.

Utilizing online promotion means you will be using the internet and search engines. SEO marketing is the process of getting the search engines to find and rank your website and your content. You obviously want a high ranking so when a searcher (potential customer) types in a search term (keyword), your site may be one of those on that first search engine results page (SERP), or at least within the first few pages.

It is basically the steps you take to have Google, Bing, and other search engines find, index, and put your website on one of their first SERPs whenever people use ‘your keyword’ to search for something.

In essence, SEO marketing is kind of a popularity contest.

When you use effective keywords within your website (title and meta tags) and in informative posting content, Google and the other search engines will find, index, and rank you. This allows you to be picked up and shown on the search engines’ results pages for specific search terms. When a ‘searcher’ finds your link on the SERP and clicks on it, you get a link to your site. The more inbound links to your site – relevant to your keywords or not – the more Google and other search engines ‘like you’ and consider you an authority.

Going a bit further with this, getting links from other sites with the same keywords in their links that you have in yours, is much better. This is considered as a higher ‘ranking vote’ by Google and establishes your site as having more authority. The more ‘link votes’ you get, the more Google will perceive your site as valuable and give you a higher authoritative ranking.

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